Development & Research

Community Outreach Programmes

The Department was able to implement Community Outreach Programme which targeted the youth. The programme included disseminating information to the young people on the services rendered by the Department for Youth Development, initiating income-generating projects targeting the youth, establishment of youth representative structures such as the Youth Forums and providing training to the youth such as the training on National Credit Act.

Sustainable Livelihood

Design and implement integrated development programmes that facilitate empowerment of communities towards sustainable livelihood. Initiatives include the establishment and support of social cooperatives, backyard gardens and other poverty reduction programmes.

Institutional Capacity Development & Advocacy

The purpose is to facilitate the development of institutional capacity for Non-Profit Organizations and other emerging organizations.

Research and Demography

To facilitate, conduct and manage population development and social development research, in support of policy and programme development, both for the implementation of the National Population Policy and other programmes of the Department of Social Development.

Population Capacity Development and Advocacy

To advocate, design and implement capacity building programmes within all spheres of government and civil society the social development sector and other government departments in order to integrate population development policies and trends into the planning of services.