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Youth month ended with a special event led by the Department of Social Development together with its partners ASSA (Albinism Society of South Africa), Department of Health and Labour. The event took place at Paradise Hall in Mangaung district on the 30th June 2016.  The aim was to celebrate International Day of Person with Albinism. It was a campaign aimed at raising awareness on the violation of rights of people with Albinism.

People with Albinism face misrepresentation and discrimination across the globe and the extent of this varies ranging from discrimination, bullying as well as heinous physical attacks and violence. “Young people with albinism should have equal opportunities, access to health care, education, employment and access to social grants”, Me Mazibuko (President of ASSA) said.

Ms Rebecca Zola parent of twins (Poloko and Paballo) with albinism said she is proud of her children who were born in 1999. Since they were born, she felt blessed and fortunate to have them. She loves them and has taught them to love themselves, as they are loved and have the support of everyone in their family. “The support I give them, helps them deal better with any challenges that they may face”. From third grade I took them to a special school in Christiana, North West. When Mme Rebecca started working in Bloemfontein the twins started their schooling at Bartimea in Thaba Nchu.

The disadvantage of some special schools is that they only offer basic subjects and this puts the children at a disadvantage because they are unable to follow career paths that require science subjects, her children want to study medicine after completing school.

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